Why Cartoon Rich MARKETING ART ?

For Businesses and Corporations, Large and Small... Visuals and Marketing Art, that ENGAGE your audience and make you stand out, are more essential than ever before...

The SMART WAY to stand out on today's overcrowded Social Media or in any Advertising and Marketing, is by using unique ARTWORK tailored to your Brand Story.

Visuals that get your audiences to pay Attention.

"Marketing Art" powered by SHOP,  BUY or FIND OUT MORE Links which can lead to increased Customer Awareness of your company.

Case Study : Cat Club Pet Food WIN

a Framed Cat Portrait...  The Competition ran over January, Feb and March. The campaign got MASSIVE engagement.


Cartoon Rich designed 10 memorable "billboard style" advertising paintings that connected customers with their favourite pet food. This prompted customers to SHARE their favourite

Cat Photos on the Competition Website and tell their personal Cat photo's story.

The WINNER got a Framed Cartoon Portrait of their cat in the Special Style Rich had tailored to celebrate the Quality of the Cat Club Pet Food Brand.

In the above image Rich drew a funny cute baby having fun with the Ginger Cat which was a special digital mascot Rich designed from "scratch" using the classic cat photo on the Cat Club can as inspiration. The digitally painted Marketing Artworks managed to feature the iconic Cat Club can in the fun.

Cartoon Rich can work with any product or service line or Art style from Portraits to Funny Cartoons and Caricatures...

Get in touch to discuss running a Social Media Competition personally tailored to your BRAND ...or ask about using Cartoon Rich MARKETING ART in other exciting ways today

Social Marketing Cartoon Art
Social Media Marketing Competition Art

Cartoon Rich offers an impressive list of  Art services, such as Wedding & Corporate Party Caricatures, Marketing Art for Large and Small Businesses, Book Illustrations and Cartoons for Business and Children's Books, Portraits of Families and Pets ... the list goes on! FILL IN A GENERAL CUSTOMER HELP REQUEST FORM BY CLICKING HERE