Welcome to Pet Portraits by Cartoon Rich 

Colour or Black and White 

Classic Portraits or Funny Cartoon Caricatures of your Pets from your Photos!

Simply email your photo of your pet to hello@cartoonrich.com to get your picture started.

Available as physical item in post or digital delivery depending on location. Call UK +44 07983818833 for any questions or email above. Thank you! 

SPECIAL OFFERS! Luxury A3/A4 Sized Portrait or Caricature Colour or Black and White Hand Drawn or Digital  ONE PET (UK Delivery for Hand Drawn or Digital Delivery for Digital Painted (any questions before purchase just ask... hello@cartoonrich.com or WhatsApp 07983818833 sending photo you want quote for) For more pets or other pricing get in touch

ONE PET Black & White A4/ or A3 size delivered £50 

(Payment upon Approval)

 PayPal £50   

Special Offers

ONE PET FULL COLOUR A4/ or A3 size delivered £80 

(Payment upon Approval)

 PayPal £80  

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply email the photo/s you want drawn to hello@cartoonrich.com and receive no obligation quote with your price options. Then simply reply to say you wish to proceed and then you will be sent the pencil approval. Okay the pencil approval and then pay the agreed amount to hello@cartoonrich.com on PayPal by following this link to official site. www.paypal.com/uk/home 

 Provide your postal address if in the U.K. or if international the file will be emailed to you digitally which you can take to your local canvas shop or print how you wish! Email your Pet photo to Rich to get the conversation started!

Or Click to Open PayPal LOGO to login to pay hello@cartoonrich.com amount you agreed and discussed with Rich in writing  www.paypal.com/uk/home


Copyright 2021 Rich Russell Caricatures ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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